Roatan’s Number 1 Zipline!


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The Pirate’s Extreme Zipline includes 15 long zip lines of pirate style fun that add up to 2 miles of pure adrenaline fun! The longest zip line during this tour has a total length of 627 feet / 190 metres across with challenging ladders and bridges to cross.

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This zip line tour has bridges to cross and ladders to climb and can best be compared to a

brisk hike. Pirates of the Caribbean is the only zip line with an auto braking system.

Relax while enjoying the breathtaking views of both sides of the island as you slow down by gravity with no anxiety or fear of having to break on your own. As you smoothly come to the end of each line, a friendly and professional guide will greet you and assist you by unclipping and then clipping you onto the next line. The time for the tour will range from 40 minutes to 1 ½ hr depending on the size of the group.

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Not recommended for children under 4ft tall or adults that are not physically capable with completing a hike.

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Roatan’s Number 1 Zipline!

Is someone accompanying you but don't want to do the zip line adventure? No Problem! Your companion/s can ride along with you and wait for you at the end of the zip line.

Ride along only

The highest zip line has a total of 149 feet / 45 metres at the highest point, while mostly zipping under a canopy of trees in the zip park’s wildlife reserve.

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